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Releasing the latest technologies and information on the aerospace industry from Tokyo

Expanding business opportunities with a symposium stage and exhibition booth area

Tokyo Aerospace Symposium is a new version of Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo (ASET), which was held every other year since 2009. It is an opportunity for many industry related people to meet through symposiums which convey the latest information on the aerospace industry and exhibition booths by companies, government agencies and so on. Moreover, by exhibiting in the exhibition booth area adjacent to the symposium stage, you can increase your exhibition’s effectiveness even more.

1 The symposium stage is located in the event’s venue (*) to attract more customers

During the event, sessions covering various aerospace industry themes are held on the symposium stage, attracting industry related people and a wide-variety of other visitors. This also increases the probability that visitors will circulate and stay in the exhibition booth area. (*This plan might be changed.)

2 Held in the capital city of Tokyo, the heart of Japanese business

In Japan’s capital, Tokyo, aerospace industry- related government ministries and offices, related organizations, research institutions and various corporations have established their headquarters, making it the ideal location to create networks and expand business opportunities. Moreover, held 2 years after Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo (ASET) 2013, Tokyo Aerospace Symposium is attracting interest from related people as an event held in Tokyo offering the latest industrial information.

3 Held simultaneously to related exhibitions in the adjacent hall

Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO) 2015
Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) ’15

Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO) 2015 and Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-terrorism (SEECAT) ’15 are exhibitions related to the aerospace industry which are scheduled to be held in the hall adjacent to the Tokyo Aerospace Symposium, therefore the combined attractiveness of these three events will undoubtedly be effective in bringing in a higher number of visitors. It is anticipated that an even higher number of related companies and government agencies will use this advantageous situation to create business opportunities.

2014 visitors (registered people)
  • RISCON2014 .......... 16,222
  • SEECAT '14 ......... 5,530

Further expand overseas sales routes!

In October of 2016, the largest aerospace exhibition in Japan, Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2016 (JA2016) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. (Organizers: The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies, Tokyo Big Sight Inc.) It is anticipated that JA2016 will not only be participated in by Japanese companies, but also many major overseas corporations, creating the greatest opportunity ever to expand overseas sales channels, etc.